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Climate Adaptation Fund

The Wildlife Conservation Society's Climate Adaptation Fund supports projects that demonstrate effective interventions for wildlife adaptation to climate change. 

Curious what sort of projects receive support through the Climate Adaptation Fund? Check out three short films we've posted on Vimeo (Check out all 3 Here!).  Below, we've shared one of these films about a project lead by The Grand Canyon Trust, a 2011 recipient of a WCS Climate Adaptation Fund grant.

Grand Canyon Trust: Restoring a natural ecosystem engineer to provide riparian areas in Southern Utah from WCS Climate Adaptation Fund on Vimeo.

The beaver is one of nature's most skillful architects, but it doesn't just create lodges for its own toothy kin. The dams this engineering rodent builds can create water storage ponds that provide habitat for entire communities of wildlife, and ensure streams flow even when there is little rain and snowfall. As climate change warms up the earth and dries out valleys across the West, beavers have become an increasingly important ally in helping natural communities adapt.

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What We've Learned – a new publication highlighting lessons learned from two years of grantmaking through the Climate Adaptation Fund

Recognizing the need to stimulate efforts to achieve conservation goals in light of the daunting impacts of climate change, the Climate Adaptation Fund is supporting applied projects demonstrating effective interventions for wildlife adaptation to climate change. Following two years of grantmaking in this new conservation arena, we have learned many lessons and have seen positive signs of growth in this rapidly evolving field of climate change adaptation. We have compiled these insights in a new paper that we will continue to build upon in the future. In the meantime, read about What We've Learned thus far.


In 2006, thanks to the support of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, the WCS Wildlife Action Opportunities Fund was launched. Over these past four years, the Opportunities Fund awarded more than $7.2 million for 81 wildlife conservation projects in 46 states, working to restore habitat, protect movement corridors, incorporate wildlife into land-use planning decisions, reintroduce endangered species, and implement priorities of State Wildlife Action Plans. We are proud of the conservation outcomes achieved by all of these projects and grateful for the on-going support of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.

Learn more about grants awarded through the Climate Adaptation Fund in 2012

Read more about the history of our grantmaking program from 2006-2010


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