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Coastal lagoons provide critical habitat for whitefish. Whitefish species are one of the most important subsistence resources in northwest Alaska. Local fishermen have observed the loss of “countless numbers” of whitefish in some areas of Kotzebue Sound, emphasizing the need to understand, and if necessary, respond to the environmental and human factors driving such perceived declines.


  • Document whitefish health and seasonal dynamics in and around five lagoons in Bering Land Bridge National Preserve and Cape Krusenstern National Monument, and the fishery catches of three neighboring communities. 
  • Incorporate findings into best management practices of domestic maritime transport supporting oil and gas activities in the northern Chukchi Sea, consideration of deep-water ports in the northern Bering Sea, and new developments in international shipping along the Northern Sea Route


Kotzebue Sound Whitefish Ecology and Seasonal Dynamics

Starting in summer of 2015, we will document the whitefish seasonal dynamics at and around five coastal lagoons in Bering Land Bridge and Cape Krusenstern National Monuments known to offer habitat for whitefish – Krusenstern, Aqulaaq, Sisualik, Espenberg, and Cowpack, and the fishery catches of three communities: Kivalina, Kotzebue, and Deering. All these communities can fish for whitefish year-round and without limit. Inventory, monitoring, and research are warranted for all six whitefish species (family Salmonidae; subfamily Coregoninae)– broad whitefish, humpback whitefish, least cisco, Bering cisco, round whitefish, and sheefish that inhabit lagoons of Bering Land Bridge and Cape Krustenstern.

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