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Arctic wildlife have evolved to live in a cold northern climate – timing their lives to coincide precisely with snow and ice melt, freeze-up, and other natural rhythms. Our vision for Arctic Beringia is its continued vibrancy as one of the most productive marine areas and landscapes on the planet. WCS aims to ensure healthy populations of Arctic wildlife such as polar bear, walrus, arctic fox, muskoxen, seals, and shorebirds continue to thrive. We are working to protect these and other wildlife from pressures related to a rapidly changing climate and the onset of new industrial development while ensuring the region’s indigenous communities can continue to depend on local resources for food and cultural vitality. Implementing conservation in such a rapidly changing environment can only be effective through working with scientists, local experts, and indigenous communities. Wildlife Conservation Society is committed to this approach. Our collaborations foster understanding of what new risks wildlife face and how species can adapt to their changing environment. We support the development of effective and dynamic conservation strategies at local, national, and international venues. WCS is advancing strategies to protect key Arctic areas, develop best practices for the industrial activities that do occur, and foster local stewardship of wildlife and habitats. The long-term health of both wildlife and people are key measures of success in this globally important region.

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Martin Robards
Arctic Beringia Coordinator
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Arctic Beringia Avian Research Coordinator
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