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Steve Zack
Arctic Landscape Coordinator
As Pacific West Coordinator in the North America Program of WCS, Steve has initiated and lead efforts in this region on forest management, riparian and stream management, and has worked with birds as indicators of how such management matters for wildlife conservation. Steve helped shape "Healthy Forest" legislation with Congressional testimony, and added wildlife information to federal stream assessment protocols for the first time. In 2001, Steve began migrating up and back with breeding birds to Arctic Alaska and developed an ongoing program evaluating the effects of oil development on wildlife, the effects of climate change, and efforts to create protected areas in the wildlife-rich western Arctic of Alaska where the largest public land, the NPR-A, is about to become developed. Parallel to the Arctic efforts, Steve developed a "Birds-Bison" initiative to boost WCS's "Ecological Recovery of Bison" initiative in 2008. Grassland birds in the Great Plains are the most imperiled group of birds in North America, and grazing management of bison may assist their conservation, according to Dr. Zack. Steve earned his B.S. from Oregon State (1978), his PhD from the University of New Mexico (1985), and then was a post-doc through Purdue before teaching at Yale University (1989-1993). Through these posts he conducted research on birds in Kenya, Venezuela, and then Madagascar before joining WCS in 1997 to become part of the then-new North America Program.

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